Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Letter to San Jose City Council

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Subject: Letter to San Jose City Council
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 01:11:47 +0000

Mayor & City Council of San Jose
San Jose Town Hall
200 E. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor, and Council members:

Our group has representatives from San Jose, CA. They asked us to write our support for naming the Vietnamese-American cultural and business center of San Jose “Little Saigon”. We think the name “Little Saigon” best reflects the cultural, political, and business interest of not only the Vietnamese-American community in San Jose, but of the entire city as a whole. We would like to share several reasons that support this conclusion.

First, given that over 90% of Vietnamese-Americans in your city support the name “Little Saigon” for the area, and given the absent of any strong opposition to this name or strong support for alternative names, including “Saigon Business District”, voting for the name “Little Saigon” is an accurate representation of the interests of the people of San Jose.

Second, given that the area is not solely a center of business for the Vietnamese-American community, but also a cultural, political, and social center, the name “Saigon Business District” will give an incorrect description of the location and the value it holds for the people who most frequently visit it, Vietnamese-Americans. There is a reason Vietnamese-Americans in San Jose are so passionate about the name “Little Saigon”. We strongly associate the name with Vietnamese people living and prospering in freedom and democracy. Although the communists have erased the name Saigon from world maps, limiting its use to a few commercial buildings and businesses, in the heart of the Vietnamese-American community, that grand city that proudly symbolized the hope of a free and democratic Vietnam still resides in our heart and in the name “Little Saigon”.

The location in question is much more than an area where Vietnamese-Americans do business. It is an area where Vietnamese-Americans socialize, participate in politics, and hold cultural events such as Tet parades and festivals. Reducing the area to a business district ignores these important qualities of the area.

Third, to oppose the sincere wishes of the Vietnamese-American community to name the area “Little Saigon” suggests a disregard for the contribution of this community to San Jose. Through entrepreneurship and consumerism, Vietnamese-Americans living and visiting San Jose, have made the area in question, a prosperous and important area of the city. Now the same people who helped build up the area are asking that they be allowed to name it. Please recognize their contribution to the city of San Jose and their continued value to your city by naming the heart of their community “Little Saigon”.

Finally, we believe the name “Little Saigon” will continue to bring visitors, Vietnamese-Americans and others, to the area. It is a more welcoming name than “Saigon Business District” and it advertises a broader and richer experience to be had when visiting the area. Vietnamese-Americans are more than our restaurants and supermarkets. Our community is much more than a business district. Please recognize this by choosing “Little Saigon”.

We thank you for your time and consideration. We thank you for your service to this nation and your commitment to freedom and democracy.

If you have any questions than please contact Mr. Linh Tran, his telephone number is (832)-382-0295 . His email address is: linh_trn@yahoo.com . Thank you.


Dung Xuan Nguyen, M.D., Thinh Le, Duoc Nguyen, Thuc Tran, Robert Tran, Linh Tran, Phuong Pham, Huong Que Nguyen, Thao Nguyen, Philip Duong,

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5. Linh Tran
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