Thursday, February 7, 2008

David Thuan Mac's letter regarding Ban Len Tieng from Madison's supported individuals

Respectfully send to Chuck Reed, SJ Mayor

CC: * Local Viet and Non-Viet media

* Victor ( consultant), Khoa Nguyen and all Viet Organizations

We've now trying to find the best way to solve this political trouble. So, please, Mr. Dan Hoang, stop doing any wrongful actions such as:

1- Misleading broascasting by Que Huong Radio Station and Tin Viet News (popular as one-way media which are representing for Madison only in the story of Little Saigon-SJ, " The Resolution of SC Democrat Party" In fact, it has not passed by the Democrat Party, it's only a draft.

2- About the picture of Mr. Dan Vo & Mr. Luyen, your group and Tin Viet News said cut and paste picture. I was at the scene as a witness, I watched while Mr. Hoa was taking this picture.

3- Mr. Cao Son from Tin Viet News, stays home and coffee shops, tried to write more issues to stir up the troubles for community. His issues only based on hear-says, rumors,... and are voiced loudly and repeatly by Que Huong radio station which is doing 1 way media, siding with Madison only in this Little Saigon dispute.

4- Some event organizing individuals intentionally misled our community when informed they won't invite Madison, but then later on Madison appeared in the event. That caused more tension and more disputes within our community. Their only purpose (Madison's support individuals) is to mislead City Councils, general public (Viet and Non-Viet) that Little Saigon supporters are extremist, trouble makers,... In fact, LS supporters are expressing their voice in nice and peaceful manner as you've seen in the last 11 rallies. If they ever violated the law, you think City police would let them continue their demonstrations? And if their manners are not getting nicer, then why public figures in both Viet and Non-Viet support their cause.

All of your side doing are wrong, it unhelpful . Or, if your side insists on "striring up trouble" I, myself , will announce in the public to call people to gather at 2 different locations, two events gather at the same time, same day (sunday) and ask for Who support Mr Dan Hoang Group, who support for Little Saigon. That time, we'll know what group have more support of Viet people. The lesson we have learned in the past at Rotunda and former GI Forum last month (Mr. Dan Hoang group around 76 people, other group, support Little Saigon, overloaded with 2300 people. We should learn that reality).

Again, please Mayor Reed to pay attention about this. I repeat what I used to say to you:


My concern is to try to unite our Viet Community.


David Mac