Saturday, January 5, 2008

TV Channels 2 and 5 reported the Black Tuesday Rallies to Restore Democracy for San Jose City


TV Channels reported the Black Tuesday Protests organized by SJ Voters For Democracy in front of SJ City Hall

According to the resolution agreed to by approx. 2,000 attendees at the Community General Meeting at GI Forum on Dec. 9-2007, there will be demonstration called "Black Tuesday" in front of SJ City Hall from 12:00-2:00PM during lunchtime, so that people working closedby can attend during their lunch break. The purpose of the demonstration is to:

(1) Protest the undemocratic decision made by the San Jose city council meeting on Nov. 20th, 2007 (the Black Tuesday) to adopt the name Saigon Business District imposed by Council Member Madison Nguyen

(2) Protest Council Member Madison Nguyen for making insulting remarks (on an Television interview) to all concerned citizens of San Jose who show up to speak out at city council meetings, and in particular to the attendees of the Nov. 20th meeting, [as job-less people who are] having some free time, instead of having full-time, 2-3 jobs or some jobs (and thus are too busy ?!? to attend thes meetings).

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American TV Stations reported the Fighting for LITTLE SAIGON