Monday, January 14, 2008

SJMN Kim Vo's Sunday article at least revealed the PAIN, the STRESS of Viet community members in Little Saigon naming process

* City Councilmembers,
* Bay Area media,
* Mainstream public,
* Community members and all friends,

Please open the following links and try to understand why our people outcry in this naming process.

As our first elected official who got public seat from the community's hard campaign work, Madison instead of paying back her own people with a little favor , the name they so long have passion with: Little Saigon, she tried every efforts to defeat that name and after that, insulting community members who used to give her their support votes.

You don't understand, we don't understand either!

So, media and government officers:

Please ask Madison:

1/ Why denied Little Saigon, (and don't tell us about her trick compromising)

2/ The real info's of other names' backers (their names and emails, letters of their support for other names).

3/ Why didn't she publicize her proposal and the public hearing (June 5th City Hearing) of the initial name: Vietnamese Business District?

4/ Why didn't she stop at the RDA official survey's result when Little Saigon was the top?

Remember Madison imposed her own guiline to RDA that naming decision will be based on choices of residents and business owners of 1000ft radius. So, how would City Council and she throw away her own rule and words. Doesn't she care about how much tax payer's $$$ involved in this naming process: surveys, polls, meetings (opened and closed), press conference...
5/ Why did Madison and Mayor Reed create a naming package painted as to honor Viet community, but infact only serving for political agenda / business agenda / personal agenda of Madison and whoever behind her to confront with the Viet community.

People from our community (youths to elders) are now facing with stress and psychological disorder caused by Madison's tricks and the untransparency of this naming process from City Council.

I urge the media and conscient government officers to help bringing sunshine for San Jose's residents.

I appreciate your help and concern!

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Yours truly,

Truc Chi Tran