Friday, January 18, 2008

SJVoters4Democracy: Thu+ pha?n d-ô'i bài viê't (Jan. 9th) d-â`y thành kiê'n cua? Joshua, phóng viên SJMN

Xin phô? biê'n rô.ng ra~i.

Kính chào,
SJ Voters For Democracy
"sjvoters 4democracy"

San Jose Voters For Democracy

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To: SJMN Editors

C/c: Joshua Molina

San Jose, January 17th, 2008

Dear Editors:

We feel we must respond to Josh Molina's January 9 reporting of our City Hall protest on January 8, because this is the most unfair article he has written in a series of biased reporting about us. Contrary to what Mr. Molina wrote, "Little Saigon" proponents did not "rush" Luyen Tran (the Madison Nguyen supporter) to "brush back his sign and shout him down." The enclosed photo of Mr. Tran smiling next to a recall supporter completely contradicts the picture that Mr. Molina painted. So does the photo of Mr. Tran among some recall supporters who clearly were just civilly engaging with him—even smiling in the process.

Other protesters, who realized that images of Little Saigon proponents speaking to Mr. Tran COULD be twisted to appear as if Mr.Tran was being attacked, encouraged everyone to just stay clear of Mr. Tran. Indeed, Mr. Tran was left alone -- with his sign -- for the rest of the protest. Mr. Molina OMITTED those facts. Why?

Additionally, Mr. Molina quoted councilmember Judy Chirco at the end of the article but did not solicit a response from any of us. Had he asked, he would have received an answer along this line: The anti-Little Saigon council members must smear us to cover up their HIGHLY SUSPECT process, and their inability to provide evidence to support their position. As it is indisputable that "Little Saigon" is clearly the preferred name in every single survey and poll. The burden is on the EIGHT council members to prove why a name that placed last in their survey would be beneficial to our community and the city.

We sincerely hope Mr. Molina and other SJMN reporters would ask these council members some hard questions soon.

Giao Hanh Le Nguyen

Public Relations Officer