Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a great victory of faith and courage

Dear Barry, Amy and Vietnamese Community,

March 3, 2006 was one of the proudest days in my life, I saw faith, courage, and love in so many faces of my precious Vietnamese friend. It was not Madison Nguyen that won this Recall, It was corruption, lies, money and greed. The very people that are supposed to take care of our Democratic rights turned against us. Unfortunately they had the resources to spread the lies and ability to cover up the truth, but all this will soon be exposed, as a violation of trust against human rights. Do not let unethical politics destroy your believe in America, the capitol of democracy, your showing in the poll compares to one of Gods Miracles and I know that he is in your side.

Today you proved that future Mayors and Councilpersons in future elections will have depend on your vote, if they want to win. I chose to stand by your side because you were Right and Madison Nguyen was wrong. She will be tormented, finding it hard to live with herself because of her betrayal of trust and discomfort she has caused the Vietnamese Community and your supporters.

As for you my precious friends do not give up, Victory is coming. The March 3, storm is over and you will grow, just remember your not alone. I will be their at your command, always remember you have a friend. My prayers are with you now and I will be their to help my Friends.

With love and affection
God Bless you

John Zamora