Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Letter of Mr. John Zamora

Mon, 05 May 2008 21:48:47 -0400

I am a Latino, and I got involved because I belive that the voice of the majority was being disrespectfully and unethically ignored.

The positive reasons to name the district Little Saigon totally outweighed the benefit to the community as a whole then any other name. I didn't see the Vietnam War and the communist overtone as loose baggage, it was a time in Americas history where, like South Vietnam lost the lives of our love ones and later betrayed by the communist on a cease fire agreement that ended in the massacre of hundreds of thousand innocent Vietnamese men, women and children, land, freedom, and democracy was lost. How can the young American Vietnamese not understand and respect the actions of their parents and Grandparents. In America democracy, respect and integrity for everyone equally are prerequisite requirements expected of a public servant like Madison Nguyen. This of course reflects on and rightfully so on any council person who supports this shameful, arrogant selfish tactics that embarrassed all the citizens of San Jose. I was proud to be part of your first group that stood up for equal rights and democracy. I was informed and so was the City Council by a former president of the Story Road business Association that Madison Nguyen solicit the existing president to change a vote that supported the name Little Saigon and also lobbied the Silicon Hispanic Chamber to support the name Saigon over Little Saigon and adding all the other negative actions by her I felt it was my right to support the name Little saigon. I am not a vindictive person and sometimes a simple I am sorry, I made a Mistake, I was wrong is enough, I have seen the city council attack former colleagues and remove them from office for a lot less even after they appoligies. I know that they will say nothing has been proven that Madison Nguyen has done anything wrong so we support her. My answer to that is everyone is a little guilty, and that brings us back to your recall, if the Mayor and City council can't keep themselves accountable then its up to the community who put them in office.

Let me end by saying this Madison Nguyen has created this unfortunate situation and the Vietnamese community young and old should be commended for what they are doing.

Democracy was not won nor will it continue to exist by a passive or silent community, it is people like you and your parents and all those who stood up for your rights and mine that makes America proud and free.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your honorable group and I feel that Madison still has time to change but it has always been her choice not to.

John Zamora